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What Is Gang Stalking?

Gang stalking includes:

Attacks аnd harassment happening sporadically оr daily ᧐ᴠеr ɑ number оf ԁays.
Traffic harassment іn tһе form ⲟf Ƅeing οbviously followed, cut-off оr forced to brake һard.
Someone оbviously watching а person’ѕ activities from a distance.
Repeat passing of ⲣreviously-unseen cars ցoing Ьy а person’s house.
Α sense оf being followed Ƅut, when examined, no ᧐ne seems tօ Ƅe tһе obvious follower.
Finding garbage ߋr trash repeatedly thrown օn οne’ѕ property.
Τhings moved aгound іnside a personal space, office оr even а һome.

Τһе results ⲟf organized gang stalking aгe predictable and expected. A person experiencing these kinds օf issues combined οr consecutively ѡill Ƅegin tо have an increasing feeling օf anxiety and fear. Τhɑt ѡill lead to ѡhаt ɑ rationale person would Ԁescribe аѕ paranoia, but it ѕeems tо Ƅе based ᧐n real incidents and instances tһat оnly the person is experiencing. Ιt’ѕ rare thɑt a third party witness ɑlso ѕees tһe behavior causing thе ρroblem.

Unfortunately, gang stalking іѕ not an imagined condition. Іt һаѕ һappened and Ԁoes happen ԝith frequency for a variety ᧐f reasons. Tһе activity ɡoes bү ɑ number οf names аѕ ѡell, including predatory gang stalking, vigilante stalking, аnd ɡroup stalking. %anchor_text
Victims of Gang Stalking

Victims of gang stalking often share specific characteristics that are not similar to other victims. It is frequently the case that the gang stalking is started because the victim has upset the common sense of a group, right or wrong. The activity then begins to either punish the victim or force compliance in some issue. The reasons vary and can include the following:

The victim represents some kind of perceived threat to a group or a cause.
The target often has no idea who all the group members are.
The gang members frequently don’t know the victim personally, except maybe one or two of them, nor do they know why the victim has been targeted.
The stalking is often indirect and subtle rather than overt and direct.

Some of the most annoying tactics used by gang stalking groups often involves behaviors that have no close or visible contact at all. These can include communications that involve some simple piece of information that is personal. It doesn’t take much; the information just has to be personal enough to irritate the target. This can include the names of family and pets, the time of typical daily schedules, places where family work or go to school, description characteristics, or simply sending messages that the target is being watched with enough detail to confirm the surveillance is indeed occurring. These activities alone can be enough to get under most people’s skin and get them highly irritated if not outright angry.

More general tactics are those that have been around for decades, usually including some kind of minor vandalism that creates an annoying mess to clean up or disturbance to home life. Gang stalking activities can include crank phone calls, graffiti on a person’s property, trash being thrown everywhere on a front lawn, damage to a car, and a large amount of noise in the street at night to wake a person up.
Characteristics of Gang Stalking

What makes gang stalking really stand out from other abusive behavior is the fact that the activity continues for a long period of time. There doesn’t seem to be a letting up, which is a result of a coordinated long-term attack by a group’s members. The harassment often increases or matures as well as the group members often believe their anonymity protects them from being caught.

The goals of gang stalking are far more than just annoyance, however. They often include:

Harassing a victim to the point of psychological fear or even terror.
Convincing everyone else in the community, or at least the target’s peers, that the person is just imagining a gang stalking hoax and is starting to go crazy and paranoid.
Working to isolate the victim so that he can’t rely on anyone for any help.
Alienate the victim from family and friends, which makes the ongoing psychological harm easier and easier to inflict.

Gang stalking really took a rise after the Internet became widely available in the 1990s with numerous gang stalking stories. The ability to communicate quickly with a group using means that covered their identity made it possible for groups to coordinate over times and distances without easily being identified and caught. This also led to initial gang stalking paranoia.

Group dynamics are the core of a successful gang stalking, so the members are also the weakest link. As long as all the members support the plan, follow their roles, and stay hidden from the target, then it will be near impossible for a target to stop the activity without laying some kind of a trap to expose the members. These dynamics provide the fabric for how the group operates when continuing to maintain a target’s harassment. They also serve as a source of interaction and support for the members, allowing them to find a commonality in their actions and justification for a greater cause; they reinforce each other to keep going and maintain the stalking en masses.

Gang stalking has its weaknesses, however. First off it relies on the assumption that the target will grow demoralized and will stay that way, growing progressively weaker and paranoid under the chronic harassment. Second, the target will not be able to produce or find any viable evidence proving that gang stalking is occurring, thereby isolating him to peers. Third, there won’t be any records available to show a conspiracy actually occurred between suspected persons. Finally, because everything is ambiguous, the target won’t be able to confront anybody as a participant, to then strike back. Again, all of these assumptions are based on the idea that the target is powerless to hit back. The dynamic starts to fall apart, however, where and when a target doesn’t follow these rules.

For those looking to effectively defend themselves from gang stalking activities, information and situational awareness are two tools anyone can become good at collecting. When the products of these tools are put together over time, they begin to produce a niche into the gang stalking group’s system that can be taken advantage of. These efforts should focus on:

Keeping regular and detailed records of activities suspected of being gang stalking. This includes times, dates, details and information about each occurrence.
Taking photographs or videos of any evidence left behind and saving it as an easy reference record of what occurred. This comes in handy later on when it’s time to show a pattern of behavior. It also corroborates the victim’s statements of what occurred.
Keeping a file on every interaction with law enforcement. This includes officer names, case numbers, departments, and who takes evidence from a reported scene if it occurs. Also try to get the incident number and event number from the officer or police department as record tracking can happen under different systems.
Being proactive and obtaining a licensed psychological evaluation as soon as gang stalking starts. This defuses and eliminates any argument by non-psychologists that a target is going crazy. The fact that an evaluation says otherwise long before they ever came to their conclusion refutes such assumptions before they start.
Speaking up and being noisy about what’s occurring. Gang stalking groups want a target to stay silent, to cave in and go into isolation. A noisy target eventually gets someone’s attention to start to take action against the group.
Remembering that stalking is a crime in most jurisdictions, even if done anonymously by a group. Every group eventually has a weakness and can be found out. In fact, groups are more vulnerable to identification than a lone individual. Focusing on nailing down one person’s identification can very quickly lead to the rest of the group, especially if one of them is dumb enough to get caught and arrested.

Gang stalking can be far more powerful in effect than individual bullying, but the problem is the same. The group will often continue to do what it does until the victim stops taking the abuse and starts to push back. When a group gets exposed, its power is gone. So every response should aim at meeting this goal of eliminating the effects of gang stalking.
Gang stalking is intense bullying meant to kill the target. %anchor_text


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